With all the same features as the Journey 15 but stretched out and deepened to increase volume and hull speed, this 16’2″ canoe has very high initial stability. This makes it the perfect pick for beginner to intermediate paddlers needing a solid predictable feel. Great for fishing, photography, kids and or dogs, yet versatile enough to head out on a back country canoe trip. The Journey 16 is only available in an infused fiberglass lay-up that is built extremely tough and will last a lifetime. Standard features include: Teal II deep dish yoke, contoured ash seats, and ergo grab handles.

    • Length16'2"
    • Waterline Width34.5"
    • Centre Depth13.5"
    • Bow Rocker1"
    • Stern Rocker1"
    • MaterialInfused Fiberglass / Kevlar
    • Weight63 lbs. / 47 lbs.

    Price : $1399 FG/ $2399 KV