The Alchemist Canoe Company introduced this model at the Toronto International Boat Show in January of 2007 and after just one season on the market it became Alchemist Canoe’s most popular design. Based on the original Classic Prospector and slightly modified to better suit today’s back country needs, the Legend 16.7 is the perfect choice for paddlers who love extended canoe trips through varied conditions. This canoe has great volume for gear, a deep bow and stern for dryness in rough water, moderate rocker for all round performance, and sharp entry and exit lines for increased efficiency on lakes. This classic shaped canoe is more than a prospector, it’s a Legend.

    • Length16'7"
    • Waterline Width33"
    • Centre Depth14"
    • Bow Rocker2.5"
    • Stern Rocker2.5"
    • MaterialInfused Fibreglass Expedition Kevlar Carbon / Kevlar
    • Weight64 lbs., 49 lbs. , 44 lbs.

    Price : $1399 FG/ $2599 KV/ $2999 carbon