A little more patience and skill are required to master this canoe, but the reward for your efforts is great. The Myth is the embodiment of everything a canoe should be, performing well tandem or solo in white-water, on flat-water and on rivers. Its unique combination of a flared hull for seaworthyness, increased rocker for manoeverability, asymmetrical shape for efficiency and high volume for heavy loads enable you to easily overcome any obstacle on your way to the remotest parts of wilderness. The true ‘jack of all trades’ is born. They say you can’t have it all but they haven’t paddled the Myth.

    • Length16'
    • Waterline Width32.5"
    • Centre Depth14"
    • Bow Rocker3"
    • Stern Rocker2"
    • MaterialFibreglass / Expedition Kevlar / Carbon / Kevlar
    • Weight65 lbs. / 48 lbs. / 43 lbs.

    Price : $1399 FG/ $2599 KV/ $2999 Carbon

    Sale Price :