The Riviera Paddlesurf… “RP” Series Raceboards are the product of years of SUP Raceboard Design and Testing.  Believe us when we say “We have tried almost everything”. The ideal blend of Sprint Speed and Glide/Efficiency is what we have been working to achieve, and we are confident that the 2014 RP Series Raceboards do it best…Granted the 2015 RP’s will do it even better, and so on.

To achieve this blend we have developed a rocker that picks up on any trace of bump, and cuts through the water efficiently. The outline spreads water steadily, with efficiency and stability in mind. The mild cockpit area gets your feet closer to the water, for stability, and extra torque in your stroke. Finally, the pronounced spine on the deck Channels water off quickly for a dry, light feel when powering into the chop.

Construction Note:
Performance vs. Durability – It’s a balancing act, and we are weighing in a bit heavier on the performance side of the scale with the RP-Series Raceboards.